what is lactic acid peel good for

What Is Lactic Acid Peel Good For?

Lactic acid peels along with glycolic peels, are probably the best known and most used of all the home acid peels available.

Derived from sour milk, a lactic acid peel is very gentle, and can be used on even the most sensitive of skin types.

Although very mild, it has all the benefits of stronger peels, and good a choice as a starter peel if you are trying one for the first time. Different peels have different benefits, so what is a lactic acid peel good for?

Here is an excellent in-depth look at the uses, benefits and application of a home lactic acid peel.

(The peel used in the video is – Makeup Artists Choice 40% Lactic Acid Peel )

This peel is greatly beneficial in restoring PH balance, so if you suffer from dry skin, a lactic acid peel will restore moisture. Conversely, it will also dry out oily skin and will also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

I believe as a starter peel and for those who wish to try their first home acid peel, using lactic acid is a great choice.

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